Organization is Key: Part 1
March 04, 2017
One of our favorite mantras here in the design studio is "an organized home is the happiest of homes" and I really do believe that organization makes a home more beautiful than all the pretty wallpaper in the world. ...Read More >
Eventually, Everything Connects
December 01, 2016
Yes, it’s okay- please do go ahead and laugh, I can’t really fathom how an entire 10 months have passed without a newsletter, either! Well, for those of you who follow us on Instagram, you know we’ve been busy, and that sometimes (ok, some weeks, months) it seems impossible to look up to take in the view. ...Read More >
Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Done.
February 08, 2016
2015 was a very busy and productive year; we welcomed the opportunity to work on our widest array of projects which proved to be a real joy for me and my staff designers. In the city, we worked on a beautiful, historic Brooklyn Heights brownstone brimming with original architectural detail, as well as an uptown, duplex apartment with a distinct, comfortably-modern concept. ...Read More >
The Best Laid Plans Never Go Awry
January 29, 2015
When we recently listened to a client tell us how she planned to use an open kitchen and dining area, she described that her kids would relax while she cooked, that football games would be watched, homework would be done and her family would be able to gather easily. The kitchen did have some extra space, but in one glance I knew that the room was simply not going to support what she was seeing ...Read More >
Discovery Day
November 04, 2014
Recently we had an exceptionally good day. We had our first design presentation with a client for whom we're designing an uptown apartment with a distinctly fun (but mature) downtown vibe and the meeting went really well. Like all clients, they were a tad nervous about what they'd see, but after a couple pages, the sense of relief was apparent as they saw page after page of things that really intrigued them both individually and as a couple. ...Read More >
On a Clear Day
June 16, 2014
This past April marked the ten year anniversary of Kathleen Walsh Interiors. Don't worry, you didn't miss the party—I glanced at the calendar, smiled, thanked the stars and then got back to work. It seems fitting that these ten years have been bookended with career highlights involving the same client. ...Read More >
Spring Fling
April 23, 2014
Our 2014 winter seems to never want to end, but it's time, and I think we may have finally turned a corner. Sometime around Valentine's Day, I usually start reminding clients that any orders for outdoor furniture need to be placed soon, in order to enjoy it by Memorial Day. ...Read More >
Pamper, relax, revive, repeat
March 14, 2014
This winter in New York has been an especially snowy and cold one, and when my family and I had the opportunity to jet off to sun and fun over a long weekend, we grabbed it. Delighted to be able to ditch the boots and mittens, my kids and my husband ran off to the pool as soon as we arrived—it didn't even matter that it was drizzling! ...Read More >
Perfectly Imperfect
February 12, 2014
A colleague of mine emailed me from Las Vegas to tell me Pantone just spoke about the trend of "Perfect Imperfection," a topic she and I had recently discussed in earnest. It came up because I was trying to describe the atmosphere I try to create in a room. Any decorator can create a "perfect" room. ...Read More >