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Eventually, Everything Connects
December 01, 2016

Yes, it's okay- please do go ahead and laugh, I can't really fathom how an entire 10 months have passed without a newsletter, either! Well, for those of you who follow us on Instagram, you know we've been busy, and that sometimes (ok, some weeks, months) it seems impossible to look up to take in the view. So, for Thanksgiving break, I did just that.

We had recently photographed 4 projects, and during the many days spent looking at all these rooms, and at so much detail, it gave me a bit of time to, once again, appreciate all the people, savvy, positive efforts and trust needed to pull together all those pretty homes. From the client, first and foremost, to the realtors, architects and landscape architects, to us and our vendors, the builders and cleaners and everyone else, it's a small world we're creating. And you what? We just can't do it without one another.

I mentioned Instagram earlier, are you on it? For those of you who are using it, but haven't found us, we're @kathleendwalsh and we'd love to see you there. You'll find goodies from our days out and about- what we see, what we love and what makes us laugh out loud, but mostly it's about celebrating and sharing the creativity all around us.

What I've come to love about Instagram is how it has brought wonderful new designers, product, artists and creatives into my daily life. We've been connecting with new industry friends and allies, and it's lovely to see paths cross and to note how small our world can be. What has been most gratifying is bringing in fresh product and solutions to the presentation table when meeting with clients. Honestly, it's exciting for us, and there's so much out there that is truly inspiring.

Earlier this month, a friendly shop assistant in a Greenwich, CT home décor shop passed on a tip about a little atelier in Cos Cob that she loves. With a lowered voice, to protect the establishment she was working in, she revealed that "the owner has the best eye in the area". Intrigued, my client and I drove over and lo and behold, we hit the jackpot of accessory shopping. Just one tip and we have a great new source.

The thing about social media and all the virtual connections you make, is that it still doesn't replace meeting or working with someone, in-person. So, with that in mind- I'm reaching out to you, my loyal clients, vendors, followers and friends. You see and know great places and sources too, and we'd love to hear who you think we should connect with. Know a great shop or local artist? Got a favorite gallery or know a small designer with a great product? We want to meet them. We're always asked for referrals so please share your favorite painters, builders, housekeeping agencies or even a great local handyman (we always need those). And don't forget your real-estate agents and architects that you've met and worked with (nearby and far away)- our three professions are constantly turning to one another and we love to see how we can help each other.

In turn, if you don't know it, my source book is open, and it's a big, ever-evolving one. Some designers choose not to share, but I genuinely enjoy doing so to help the like-minded. For past clients, we're happy to point you in the right direction when you want to "nest" for yourself. For our vendors and friends, I love connecting people and businesses that can help one another. Real estate friends, you know I'm happy to provide a consult to a prospective buyer or re-vamp a property that needs TLC. And architects, it's all about collaboration in my book- we're in it together.

Got a few to share? Email me direct at kathleen@kathleenwalshinteriors.com. Want to see what we're up to daily? We're most at-home on Instagram, and would love to see you there!