Taking in the long view. Architect: Hutker Architects
New Year, New #HomeGoals, Let’s Begin
January 31, 2018

January is the month of optimism- resolutions, a new diary, and a home feeling fresh, once free of holiday décor. I, personally, like the quiet of a new year when calendars are still calm, and macro-planning for the upcoming year and taking care of the business of my home is first on my to-do list. Once I have family priorities, personal goals, and my own home improvements in order, I can clearly focus on the day-to-day, my business and all your projects. I once wrote about clarity – clarity only comes with a plan and a vision, but most only get there if they give themselves space and time.

I know many of you are doing the same exercise- emails to "re-do" this and "transition" that have been coming in, and we’re excited to freshen it all up this year. If you haven’t made the time to come up with your list- I’d encourage you to carve out a little space in your calendar to think on the priorities and wish lists before half the year is gone. Wouldn’t it be great to know that summer project or that new construction is being given the planning it truly needs? If that big project seems too daunting, isn't it nice to know that one call or email will get you going in a manageable way? Let's get an enthusiastic "YES" for those notions.

The more you feel on top of it and in control, the better the results, always. The more time we have to prepare, the oh-so-much-better for everyone, always.

This year, we'll be focusing our newsletters on helping you stay on top of it all, months in advance. I invite you to let us know what your goals are, and we’ll cover some key pointers for you. After all, if you’re wondering, or needing a referral or need some up-to-date know-how, chances are everyone else is too. And of course, whatever the project is this year- big, small, re-fresh or start-from-scratch, let me know. We’re calendaring our year, and it's time to get you included. Let’s make your next project the best one yet.


Interior Goals

Interior renovations really can be much more enjoyable than you think and we're here to make it easy for you. Let's intelligently talk through your design goals, break down the steps, and plan and budget wisely to achieve your vision. Our designs and approach meet you where you live, and we're with you all the way to the finish line.


Clean Slate

Start the new year off right by minimizing clutter to make room for a fresh look. Need help? We have referrals to professional organizers to get the tough work done, then we get it pretty and functioning, once again.



Why not change things up? By swapping out some key accessories, adding some art with the help of our partnered art consultants, or even selecting a new paint color, a quick refresh is as simple as saying yes.


Patio Envy

We're already thinking about that Summer BBQ and your outdoor furniture. Memorial Day will be here before you know it, now is the time to schedule cleaning, be prepping and ordering. Need a landscaper, we've got that referral, too.


"Tis the Season" 2018

Were you missing anything this holiday season? Prep for a "less-stress" season this year by emailing us your own holiday wish-list. Fresh linens, new tabletop, additional seating and fully accessorized rooms await the early birds.


Ready to start in on those ideas and wish-lists? Click HERE and we'll get you going.