Pamper, relax, revive, repeat
March 14, 2014

This winter in New York has been an especially snowy and cold one, and when my family and I had the opportunity to jet off to sun and fun over a long weekend, we grabbed it. Delighted to be able to ditch the boots and mittens, my kids and my husband ran off to the pool as soon as we arrived—it didn't even matter that it was drizzling! I had a few minutes to get us organized, and then—I saw it: the beautiful Waterworks tub beckoning me to come in and relax…just for a minute. And so I did.

I would normally heed my logical voice telling me to put the suitcases away, but this was too divine an opportunity. I threw open the shutters of the window and listened to the light rain drizzle on the plants and tree leaves. I watched the light in the room change from afternoon brights to twilight oranges and purples. Slowly, NYC…the plane… it all faded away.

Since we just finished a gorgeous bathroom for a client, I inevitably found myself noting that the Waterworks tub was sized well, kept the water temperature consistent, felt smooth, and had a very appealing soft rectangular shape. I didn't even mind that it wasn't cast iron (a usual pet peeve of mine). The bathroom used large stone tile, and the shower had a trough detail that ran the width of the floor over the drain, filled with smooth stones, reminding you that you were in paradise.

The bath gel was a scent which always reminds me of a trip to Florence, Italy. How perfect—to be in one lovely spot and to be reminded of another lovely spot. It's a testament to how easily you can transport yourself, even if only for an instant, if the time and space is made for it.

I love designing bathrooms. For a few moments, they can be a quiet haven to escape to. It's a spot that others don't expect you to automatically pick up a call or return an email. In my own bath I have a photo of a beach in a far-flung locale that I may never return to, but it reminds me of a week that I never want to forget. I have a shelf for all the creams and masks that I rarely have time to use, but I know they hold tranquility for me if I just make the time. My bath is small but it fits everything, supports every function, and is beautifully appointed. And for ten minutes every morning, it is my peaceful oasis of calm before the day really starts. Your bath should fulfill your needs, too. If it's not, call me, and we'll get it going.