Entry console, beautifully accessorized with old loves and new faves.
Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Done.
February 08, 2016

2015 was a very busy and productive year; we welcomed the opportunity to work on our widest array of projects which proved to be a real joy for me and my staff designers. In the city, we worked on a beautiful, historic Brooklyn Heights brownstone brimming with original architectural detail, as well as an uptown, duplex apartment with a distinct, comfortably-modern concept. We installed fresh takes on a classic, blue color palette in Westchester and delivered a riot of color in a classic Greenwich Georgian house. At the beach, we designed one house to be as calming as the waves you hear outside the windows. The other house is all about sun and fun, while taking advantage of a pool that kisses the living room windows. In the few hours left in each week, I had the opportunity to sit in the client-seat for my family’s own gut-renovation project. Needless to say, it was a year of challenges, risks, rewards, changes and growth.

This year started off with two long-awaited installations in Rye, NY and in Sandspoint, NY. Once again, I was reminded of how gratifying it is to see all the images in your head and on paper, come to fruition, and see the clients’ smiles as they discover their new home. What aids that gratification is that we made a key decision this past year to permanently move to a turn-key level of project delivery, and it has been great; walking into a new home that feels, and is, “done” is a real joy. I think this note we received last year best illustrates why we have adjusted ourselves to deliver turn-key residences wherever possible:

"You may remember (client name kept confidential) asking right from the beginning if you would provide a fully furnished move-in house for him. He has repeated your assurances many times over the last 18 months, and he was so impressed that you actually delivered on your promise!! Over those months, he kept telling me that while the colors and style were different than he might have selected he was “trusting Kathleen”. Last Saturday, while sitting in the living room, he said “I get it now” and promptly relaxed in to his new environment…

…Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to envision and complete this dream. We have both spent most of our careers in a service business and the two of us have taken pride in our commitment to our clients. Your level of professionalism stands at the top of any we have seen. Thank you, you are the best."

When those clients moved in, on that same Saturday mentioned in their note, they arrived via plane, grabbed a taxi and made a bee-line for their new “dream home”. They were met with a stocked fridge, everything laundered and put away, and a fully accessorized house. We left some new books on the bedside tables, firewood was at the hearth, beach towels were stacked and ready to use. BBQ tools were in the drawer, dishware, utensils, door mats, toothpaste, cleaning supplies- truly, everything was in its place. The only things missing were the owners.

I can tell you firsthand that buying brooms and mops, and all that a house absorbs, is the last thing most want to deal with after spending a few years waiting for your “dream house” to finally be built. Did you catch that phrase, “dream house”? There is nothing “dreamy” about being in-line at your local hardware store buying garbage bags while someone else is unpacking boxes at home. Would those clients who graciously took the time to write a thank you note, have had the time to sit in their super-comfy sofa, and take in their new surroundings, if the fridge was empty and they had to go out and buy groceries and wash some dishes before using them? So now, when you hire us, consider it done.

We deliver complete designs, fully-orchestrated move-ins, your dream home, all tied with a bow. Building your next house? Let us really make it a dream come true.

We're often asked how early the interior designer should be contacted about a project, the answer is "now." The best projects are those on which we are brought in alongside the architect and landscape architect. We're booking projects for mid-year, time to call if you're thinking about your dream home.