The Best Laid Plans Never Go Awry
January 29, 2015

When we recently listened to a client tell us how she planned to use an open kitchen and dining area, she described that her kids would relax while she cooked, that football games would be watched, homework would be done and her family would be able to gather easily. The kitchen did have some extra space, but in one glance I knew that the room was simply not going to support what she was seeing.

While large, the space she was working with was architecturally awkward, and it was long overdue for a re-think. Using furniture plans, we showed the clients the best that the existing room could manage, as well as what a small extension and more logical furniture plan could accomplish functionally and aesthetically. In the end, the extension was decided upon and the change to the house will turn a very odd space into the true heart of the home that the clients want.

Creating furniture plans is a seemingly simple task, but it's one that's paramount to us. Without the right plans, we just can't achieve the results our clients need. When we sit down to plan your home, you've already been asked all sorts of questions about how you live and we're ready to make each room function for all the different ways you'll use the spaces. I genuinely love the challenge of showing all the different ways a room can be set up, it's a puzzle to solve in multiple ways and revealing the solutions and seeing the clients' imaginations start running is gratifying.

Just as the client mentioned above could "see" how she wanted her family to move and relax within the space, I too imagine your family, your friends and guests enjoying each space, while we're drawing. In my mind's eye, I'm sitting to dinner, entertaining in the living room, getting cereal in the kitchen, even taking garbage out and putting backpacks and dog leashes away. Your daily movements need to flow and function and the right plan will take everything into consideration. As a bonus, we can predict the future too. OK, that's a stretch, but we understand how lots of different families live and we build in enough flexibility so that rooms can evolve with your changing needs.

A good designer plans each element of the room down to custom sizing and shapes of everything, and constantly goes back to the plan to adjust it as they make selections, to ensure the right mix is maintained. If you've ever sat in that room that was too stiff, overcrowded or too sparse, too formal, or looked pretty but did not function at all, I assure you the plan, if there was one, was not conceived of properly.

Your living spaces should support ALL the things you do in them, and they should support the level of comfort you want.

Are you finally ready to relax in a house planned to support your every need? The first step is getting your furniture plan right. We're scheduling late spring projects; when you're ready, we're ready.